Friday, March 15, 2013

Miro's Story

Selling horses is awful. Once they leave, the horses are out of your control forever, endless hours of training,time and effort passed into the care of someone else. New owners can be a nightmare as well, because no matter the training, and how good the horse was when it left you care, horses are animals and there behaviour depends largely on the way they are handled and ridden, they react to the people and there behaviour can change quickly and suddenly, ending up not to be exactly how the new owner wanted. Dealing with irrate new owners is horrible!

But today for one of the first times in my life, I'm truly excited to have sold a horse. Miro has gone to a new home. A beautiful farm home, with a little girl to love and ride him. Even better I know his new owners well, they have brought a horse off me before, and taken marvelous care of it, I'm sure they will do the same for Miro.

But I think there is even more to this that I find lovely and heart warming. The  girl came to see the wild horses when they arrived ten months ago from muster. Since then she has been saving every penny, her weekly pocket money and anything extra from doing odd jobs and put it into a fund to save for a Kaimanawa pony. She wanted to save a wild pony to.

Miro wasn't actually on the market at all,  I was going to keep and compete him before selling, but when I heard these people were looking for a new pony, I new it would be a perfect home, and to good an oppurtunity to pass by. They were actually looking for a more experianced pony, and I'd told them about another one I had. So they came to look at both, and trying not to sway there descision I kept quite to which I wanted them to buy. They came back twice unable to make there mind up...

But luckily in the end it was Miro who stole there hearts. I think he will be a perfect fit, the kid is a kind compassionate and capable rider and Miro is a a laid back, easy going, but talented fellow. He's come along way in ten months, adapting and excelling domestic life.

So the kid paid for some her new pony, while the parents made up the rest, and I know she was super excited about getting to ride and train her own wild pony! Which I think is really sweet.

For his last day on the farm I let him wander where he pleased as a special treat. Thinking that he would graze the lovely green grass on the driveway. But he didn't, he took himself up to his stable, and stood in his favorite spot, peering through a gap, and watching the coming and goings of all that happens on the farm. He hung out ther by choice all day, every so often coming out just to check the the feed bins were still locked, or having a sniff and a cuddle. Before I loaded him up adm took him to his new home.

A very excited girl met me, and Miro just casually stepped off the trailer looked over his new surrounding before going sticking his head down to graze. I stayed around and took a few photos as the girl took him for his first ride. Miro really couldn't have looked more relaxed about the whole situation.

It was a nice feeling when I left, to know that there was a happy kid and happy pony. I can't wait to watch there progress and I'm sure I'll be seeing more of them, as they are already booked in to come in riding camp in for for the first time ever it's really nice to feel excited about selling a horse. Now to get working on the rest of the wild ponies sitting in my paddock!

Here are some photos, some at his new home and the other from when he arrived.

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