Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kaimanawa muster

Well the horses are being mustered, the photos are all over Facebook, a truck will be pulling up to my yards any day now, and offloading my newest batch of wild horses.

In excited, this is going to be a even bigger adventure than last time. Mainly due to the fact that the numbers of horses arriving are far greater than las time.

However I'm going to admit there just wee edge of panic behind my excitement. Six wild horses is a lot, seeing as its just me, I don't have an arena,or round pen and I'm self employed and work alone. This is going to be a big job, for obe little girl,especially in winter,on top of all the other horses I have to work each day.a big, big job.
I'm a big believer in everything working it self out and hopefully it will for this. I managed to get a set of portable yards, just in time, as my stockyards currently would n't even hold the new arrivals!

I do feel more confident, knowing I've already succeeded in turning wild horses around. Lucky I did a blog because I can look back on my notes from last time, and make sure I don't forget anything useful over the last two years..