Monday, May 28, 2012

The horses are here.

Well the next lot of of wild horses have finally arrived, just as the last light was fading from the sky the truck pulled up. Firstly the positive, it is a far healthier looking bunch than last time. Every horse is in good condition, no ribs showing. Which is I guess, a sign that the management program of the horses is working. There are some really handsome looking colts in there to. One especially caught my eye a nice big bay with a few white socks, a big horse to. The bad news however is that one horse, a very cute little chesnut, isn't in good shape. With one eye completly swollen shut ad massive swelling above th eye socket, superficial wounnds all over the top of it's head, and while all the others came off the truck in reasonably calm way, this one was panting, and an hour later was still blowing hard, and looked to be coming down with colic. All bad signs. Hopefully it pulls through the night, and is fine, I've seem horses recover from much worse, while i was working in Egypt, so I'm hopeful it may be ok. Head trauma however is never good. At the moment I'm also two short on the number I thought I was getting....lost in transit perhaps, who knows maybe it will show up tommorow. This caused a wee bit of bother, amoung the people who had turned up to see there wild horses arrive, and the ones interested in looking to help sponsor the ones I am taking, as suddenly there wasn't enough horses to go around. Dramas, I don't what happened, or where the two horses ended up, I do know that the people who organise the muster and the rehoming of the horses, are doing very good work under the circumstances,work incredibly hard, long hours, and mistakes can happen. Was not much fun trying to defend myself against angry potential owners though, ugh a problem to sort out tomorrow though.