Saturday, June 11, 2011

My gray ray of sunshine

In a week where all we have is rain mud and more rain, things on the farm become slightly unbearable. Especially this early in winter when you know condition are only going to get wetter and muddier, your looking at months of not being able to achieve anything....Its is horribly depressing.. But this week there was something to cheer me up.... in the brief 45minutes the sun showed its face one evening, i manged to do some work with Fern. She was saddled for the first time, not that you'd ever know it. She acted like shes been saddled all her life, no bucking, broncing, rearing, running, she just carried on like it was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact she was the tamest of all the horses I've ever saddled, nothing wild about this wild horse.

So in a week that i feel has been miserable and unfulfilling Fern has been my Gray ray of sunshine.