Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogger awards

Well time heals all wounds, or lets you know you can live past the pain at least. Fern and Sonny have survived the weaning, they still call to each other occasionally, but the absolute desperation of their screams has ended. giving me a brief respite of a little peace and quiet, at least until the next one has to be weaned in a months time.

The wild stallion has become the most caring and patient big brother for little Sonny. They are two peas in a pod, the little brown weanling shadows the little brown stallion's every move, even picking up some of his mannerisms. Just shows how much animals learn from observing others, not just instinctive.

Fern has been one very sad girl, but today she seemed to find some light at the end of the tunnel. Galloping, bucking and kicking up her heals like never before. For the first time in probably her entire life, shes not struggling to survive, or raising a child, shes a single gal again. The transition for her hasn't been easy though, she has babysat and fussed over the other two foals, as if watching them will bring her own baby back. Every day shes left alone in the paddock, with the two babies, while all the other horses go to the barn for the day. She stands over them, takes them out grazing and basically mothers them for a couple hours each day, it seems her outlet for all those mothering instincts and hormones still runing through her. these foals don't mind being separated from their own mothers and seem to enjoy their days with Fern. Cant say id trust any of the other broodmares to watch over babies not their own.

Last of all I would like to thank Gail from At the Farm, for giving me a blogging award.

in exchange for getting this you are meant to nominate 5 more blogs to receive an award, so although there are heaps of great blogs out there these are the ones i have recently discovered and loved, not all of them are horsey related either.

1. Other things Amanzi a surgeon in South Africa, because it is well written, funny and a completely different set of shoes than the ones i walk in.

2. Girl on a mountain with a chicken because i read the about me blurb,and it was like reading about myself...except I'm not mad keen on goats, but cool stories and very interesting.

3. Sweet adventures of Sugar Belle because cooking is my therapy at the end of a hard week, i make pies though, and have no where near the patience and attention to detail to make the masterpieces this person does with cookies

4. Fugly horse of the day didn't like this at first, because i don't like the idea of just bitching about others non stop, but shes got some great content on here and some real tear jerking stuff, and is defiantly raising awareness of big issues within the horse riding world, so kudos to her. Reading all the comments are pretty amusing to.

5. Alaskan Arctic Expeditions because if i didn't have horses this would be my dream life, having sled dogs and traveling through the wilderness

Rules of the Award are that upon receiving, you thank the person that gave it to you. Then nominate 5 more and leave a message on their to tell blog to tell them of their award.

Remember Good Bloggers Pay it Forward

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  1. What wonderful blogs, I visited them all. Hope I brought some new visitors your way.