Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Won We Won!!!

My little wild stallion is a winner. The wild brown pony from the mountains,got his picture in our national magazine, even a little write up about him too......

Okay, it might not be as exciting as I'm making it sound. There is a competition each month, to see who has done the best job, rehabilitating , a sick, injured, neglected or reconditioned a skinny horse. I thought Matai fit the build pretty well, as he has definately been rehabilitated and looks nothing like the horse that arrived all those long months ago.

Anyway, apparently the editor of the magazine thought so too. Matai won the May edition, of the competition called TuffRock Transitions. Meaning we get some fantastic TuffRock products, valued at $111. A 1.8kg tub of non-medicated poultice, and 1L of conditioner plus to feed to Matai. YAHHHH!!!. i have actually never used their products but friends of mine rave and rave about them, so I'm really excited to receive mine in the mail! TuffRock website here if you want to find out more about their products.

Here are the photos that won me the competition .....

The first one, from Matai's 1st week with us, straight from the wild. The second photos, was from the Kaimanawa show in February, 8 months after muster.

I thought id put this photo in today's post too, because i don't think the other one quite shows how skinny he was, as he had a bit of pot belly from worms, that slightly hid his true condition when you see him side on in a photo. He was pretty damn skinny!

Thankyou to NZ Horse & Pony Magazine, and Tuff rock for the choosing Matai as the winner, i cannot wait to get my prizes in the mail!!


  1. EXCELLENT...He has transformed in so many beautiful ways, under your loving and knowlegable heart & hands!

  2. Aww congrats!

    He's such a beautiful boy =)

    That first picture really doesn't show how thin he was - that second picture makes him look like a rack of bones though! He looks so pretty now.