Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amazing photography

I don't know about you, but i think this is a pretty amazing picture....

Back in February at the National Kaimanawa Show, i happened to see a woman wandering around with a camera. At the time i didn't know who she was, or that she was in fact a professional photographer. I just wanted some photos of the stallion, to record the moment of his first show, and being there by myself i couldnt take the pictures, so i sucked up the courage and asked her if she wouldn't mind taking a few snaps and possibly emailing them to me....

It must have been my lucky day, because the photographer turned out to Jan, of Jan Maree Photography , and a few weeks later the most gorgeous images arrived in my inbox.

Matai and me.....

Jan, is not just any old photographer, not only has she won numerous awards, but she was also the official photographer of the 2010 Kaimanawa Wild Horse muster, at the Waiouru army base on the central plateau in New Zealand. The same muster from which Matai and Fern came. The images she captures are absolutely breathtaking, her passion for the horses really shows through.

It was two images from the muster that won at the prestigious NZIPP Ibis Awards. Four of her photos are also printed in the recently released book 'The Horse in New Zealand'. Not only that a percentage of the profit from the sales of Kaimanwa wild horse photographs on her website, gets donated to the same organisation from which i adopted my wild horses, the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust.

It was amazing talking to Jan and listening to her stories of getting right up close and photographing these horses in the wild, when they are still running free from human interference. Not only does she take photos that show the love, friendship, power and awe these horses inspire, Jan has her own kaimanawa horse, so knows first hand just how special they are.

Please check out her website and all the photos of the wild horses, as the photos on this blog do not do her near enough justice, as they are ever so slightly distorted when i upload them. Also if you want your own, or your animals portraits, or a fantastic wedding photographer please click the link below and see her work for yourself

+64 236 8553


To look at her photos of the 2010 muster you can go either to the KWHWT or to Jan's page on her website that is specifically for the Kaimanawa horses http://http//

See if you can spot Fern and Matai in the muster! 100 points to whoever can, as i have tried and just cant decide for myself if its them or not.


  1. Wow - your pictures are beautiful. I'll definitely check out her website.

  2. Oh very nice of her to take your pictures! And how lucky for you!