Thursday, March 3, 2011

what i do on weekend, what do u do?

Well its Thursday night, and tomorrow i will be heading off to yet another show. This time with my big warm blood to go eventing (dressage, cross country, showjumping, all in one).For three weeks in a row now, Ive driven to our country's biggest city to compete at three different shows. Its kind of a long haul, 4 hours each way. Competing horses is not a cheap sport, its all the extra costs, like, diesel, road user charges, food for horse and rider etc that really start to send the cost sky rocketing, rather than just the cost of entering a show, although this isn't cheap these days either. It is a continuous struggle to just break even, as prize money is very minimal. For me its also very long hours spent driving alone to and from competitions. But i do love what i do, and I'm very driven to compete, so i don't really mind the hours and cost of it all.

Their are huge bonuses to this life style as well. You get to see parts of the country, you'd never realise existed otherwise. You get to travel with your horse, and camp, and spend endless hours with your equine friend. Even though sometimes it is a bit of a lonely, you get to meet lots of new people, who are interested in the same sport as yourself and share lots of common ground. Generally its also a life style that keeps you fit, healthy and inspired to keep improving your riding. Plus riding a cross country course, is the absolute biggest adrenaline buzz i know. So you always come away, completely exhilarated.

But the things is this is my absolute passion, even if i didn't compete, i have absolutely no idea what 'normal' people do on the weekend. I cant imagine actually having spare time to do any other activities. What do people actually do if they don't own horses? or animals for that matter? or even what you do if you have animals but are'nt traveling to and from shows every weekend?

So tell me what is your normal weekend?? What does everyone who doesn't lead my hectic, crazy life style do with themselves??