Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally an update

I started out this blog doing a photo update each month, but life got busier and somehow this all fell by the way side. So finally here are some photos of what the wild horses look like theses days. Sonny is huge, remember the tiny little thing back in november he is no more, now is a big, bay colt......

i know i have new followers, which is so so exciting! So for those of you who maybe havnt seen what the horses looked like when they came from the wild , il put some photos of their first days at the end of this post.

Silver Fern, Sonny (Silverson) and myself

The wild,wild stallion, Matai.

Mother and child, Sonny, is one day going to tower over his mother, he already almost the same height!

Matai his first week with us, 8 months ago

What they looked like when they arrived......