Monday, December 20, 2010

wild horse update

I find working with horses, it feels like such a failure on my part, every time something bad happens. Even when you logically know, that there is nothing you could have done to prevent an accident/ injury from occurring. Id say eighty percent of the time it is actually unpreventable, still i mentally kick myself every time any of the horses get hurt, or when things don't go to plan. Sometimes because you remember the bad events so vividly, it can feel a bit like everything is falling down around you, and nothing is going right.
but really most of my plans do work, and even though heartbreaking accidents, like what occurred on Friday with Viva, do happen. All my other horses are doing great, and are still alive and thriving. It is important to remember success, and not dwell on failure, otherwise it all becomes to hard.
So it is with the wild horses. It has been pouring with rain for the last five days. The saying 'it never rains, but it pours' seems quite appropriate, as the drought has definitely broken. not being able to ride the last few days, has given me time to flick back through some of my photos from the last six months, with the wild horses. These horses are doing fantastic! It makes me feel so happy to see how much they have changed, from the those horses that arrived in the stockyards six months ago (top photo). Matai is hardly recognisable as the same horse. Fern too, has shined up well, and Sonny is no longer a bump in his mummy's tummy, but a handsome wee man.
I having been meaning to put monthly update photos on the blog for a while, but been busy and missed a month, here and there. But the last two photos are from November and the Horses haven't changed much since then. Except Sonny, who continues to rocket up in growth.Hope you enjoy.

Had to add this bit. Went outside after writing this post, to feed out hay. Sonny and Fern have been moved into the 'Fatty' paddock with the Shetland and Milo the pony, so they don't founder with all this new grass. Sonny is in heaven, playing boy games, with the two geldings all day. Anyway fed out hay in two piles, one for Fern and Sonny, one pile for the other two.
what could be more fun for a wet foal than to roll in dry hay? Sonny the second i put it on the ground, was rolling around in it, kicking his mum in the face twice as he went from side to side. then back to his feet, galloped over to the gelding pile, and before they could stop him, he was down rolling in their pile, smearing it all over the wet ground. This was not appreciated, Sonny received a prompt reprimand for his rude dinner manners, from the boys and sent back to his mother in a sulk.
Looking out the window now. Sonny is sitting spread out again, in Fern's hay pile. Not only sitting but completely cover in hay from head to toe, hay over his body. To make matter worse he sitting there eating they hay bed he has created, while Fern stands in defeat, watching her sons antics, not able to reach any of the hay squashed underneath him, for herself. To cute, I'm having a good chuckle over it