Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I don't know when I'm ever going to have time ti write what i want about the wild horses. There is not a spare second in the day. Tomorrow I'm off to a three day event, with my big warm blood gelding. A three day event that actually is run over five days, when you take into account that i have to be there for the arrival inspection tomorrow, the trot up (vet inspection) Thursday and then don't actually do my dressage until Friday, cross country Saturday, finally showjumping Sunday. Oh and I'm taking my calves to auction first thing tomorrow morning before i leave for show. Jesus so much to do, get all the horses prepared for my absence as well as the other assortment of creatures, pack for the five days away, load cattle, take to auction, home to load horse,drive 4 hours, unpack and set up for the next 5 days. The good thing, is that my boyfriend flies back into the country tomorrow, and luckily the airport is right next to the horse show venue. Woohoo i have a boyfriend in the same country again!

So here's a quick update before i go.

Fern and Sonny are now in with the other broodmare and her filly foal, Hope. Was to cute to watch when they were introduced. Sonny has learnt to buck, and this is what he does constantly. he bucked and twisted and jumped, performing every aerial manoeuvre he could, with as much force and speed as he could be mustered. Around he went going as far from Fern as the paddock would allow, circling little Hope and her mother. It looked identical to a kid showing off on the playground, pulling out the biggest flashiest trick he knew. Hope, only watched shyly from her mothers side, every so often braving a few metres distance, before whirling like a ballerina and cantering back to the safety of mum. She is getting braver, I'm sure soon she will get enough courage to join Sonny in his playful exuberance around the paddock. She is like a fine willow limbed, dancer to Sonny's raw power and spirit.

Matai, the wild stallion, has become the most mellowed lovable boy. I cannot avoid his doe eyed looks, as he waits by his gate to come to the stable each night. Unfortunately his paddock mate Milo is injured at present, so hes stuck on his own all day. The one bonus of this is that, suddenly he cant get enough human contact. Being probably for the first time in his life alone, as horses are herd animals, he obviously feels slightly lost without companions. He does in fact have the Angus calves in his paddock (until tomorrow), and spends most of his days standing over them as they sit chewing cud in the sun. Think as soon as this, last show of the spring season is over, i will have to break him in. The temptation to sit on him is getting to strong, and i think he needs something to do as he is very obviously board at the moment.

Oh and Fern is getting obese, time for a diet again, as now she is in with the other mare where there is more grass. I swear to god she barely even lifts her head she is so busy vacuuming up grass, hay and anything else that may be edible. Wild horse survival skills coming through, making the most in times of plenty so she can build up fat for the lean winters. Except that hopefully, she will never again find herself wintering in the mountain ranges and snow for the rest of her life.

Anyway hopefully soon i will get to sit down and organise my thought enough to write what i want.....