Saturday, September 21, 2013

The derby thanks

  First of all thank you to everyone for your wonderful messages of support and donations. It has been incredibly humbling and such a lovely feeling to get so much encouragement from people I know and also people I've never met wo have chosen to support me and the charities I'm raising money for.

I finished the Mongol Derby in 7 and a half days, faster than last years professional jockeys won it in. I finished fifth. It was the hardest most exhilarating and challenging thing I've done in my entire life, and I can safely say I gave it everything I had and more.

I rode over 500km on my own without another rider in sight. I got sick and had to have IV fluids, got chased by wild dogs, crossed mountains, deserts and grassland and spent a bit of time stuck in swamps. I rode 26 different horses, camped alone with nomads and had the adventure of a lifetime.

In the moments I was down, it made a huge difference to know there was people at home watching and supporting and it truly did keep me going.

Thankyou all again for your support. I still have a few weeks left to fundraise and look forward to doing a series of talks when I'm back in New Zealand. 

More updates to follow