Sunday, April 1, 2012


I don't know if anyone remembers me saying I was going to Egypt a few months back...well I'm in Egypt now, have been for a a week now. This is my first chance after the maadness of packing, and oqrganizing, flying, and now working here in Egypt, that ive actually had a spare second to write. Well,unfortunately due to security reasons, and a few other complications, I can't say to much about what's going on, or show to many pictures, but il say a little, and when I get home in a few weeks, il spill all the beans. Egypt is amazing, the history of the place, Im literally sitting here and can seethe pyrimads, right outside my window,and to think someone built these all thoses years ago is unreal. The rubbish is equally mind blowing, it's everywhere, the streets, the desert, the canals, in fact in some place you don't know there is water because the trash layer is so thick. Oh and there is floating dead horses, bobbing along in the mix as well,giving the streets a very memorable aroma. But the reason I came, was to look after the horses, and I have done that on a grand scale every day since being here. There is two types of horses in egypt, those that are fat, and those that are starving, some people own both types, so in a lot of cases it is not a financial thing.The scale of the problem is almost overwhelming, hundreds of thin, and I mean if you knew how much a skeleton weight was, that about the best way to measure the body mass of some of these horses. But also, sores, destroyed mouths, leg problems, shoeing problems, wounds,malnutrition and dehydration is as common as flies around these parts. Yet I have seen some of the most beautiful horses,I mean stunning, and would give most show horses a run for there money back home. Purebred Arabians, that look straight off the black stallion movie set, unbelievably gorgeous, just tied in the street, working in carts, carrying tourists, or tucked away in private stables, they are far more attracttive, and sane than the Arabs we get back home. Even more exciting, I have gotten to treat camels who just line up right alongside the horses for care. Amazing creatures, so gentle, majestic and huge, I've even been camels riding, and loved it. Overall loving Egypt, can't wait to release all the details on what going on, how ever il try and keep you posted, as it makes every horse person appreciate the life our animals lead back home.

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