Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wow, is it the new year already? I'm only just getting used to 2011, and now its 2012. But no matter how fast 2011 went by, it will definitely be a year to remember. Natural disasters the world over, extreme weather patterns, political upheaval and war throughout many countries,not to mention the ongoing recession, the world was a slightly unsettled place the last 12months. So ignoring the Mayan calender predicting the end of the world, and the fact that the new year started to pouring rain and knee deep mud, its no wonder many of us are looking forward to a a fresh start in the new year, and globally a more settled year than the previous one.

Some of us have resolutions, goals and plans for the year ahead. I have a couple, i feel like 2012 is the year for adventure, hence the Egypt trip. But also it feels a bit like crunch time, a make it or break it, year for my business, and my competing. My good horse is getting to a level where it getting exciting, we have a goal in mind to qualify for certain event, right before i fly off overseas, and hopefully get top 5 placing, hes no longer 'green' and is at a stage where we can really 'go for it' as far as results. The pressure is on, so to speak, to show all these years of training have not been in vain.

As far as the wild horses go, i have set my self a deadline, January 21st is the date i have set for Fern, the wild mare's, first show. Shes is going to join my competition team, and i have set a jumping day as her first event. I am someone who needs deadlines and goals especially for my own horses, as otherwise things fall by the wayside, while i work clients horses, or get distracted on other jobs that need doing. , Fern is ready there is no point delaying, she happily jumps anything, goes well under saddle, and i just think it will be the funniest thing in the world to turn up to shows with my 17hh warm blood and my little wild mare....Although i don't think anyone would ever guess she is from the wild to see her go.

As well as Fern, and my warm bloods,i have a couple of other young horses, and  a couple of clients horses all to be out competing, and the number of horses i have in work has doubled.I even have another wild horse in my team, Tussock the kaimanawa, has come to stay, for a little schooling and to be ridden by kids. Did I mention the ten kids that arrive on Monday, to spend a week with their ponies, horse riding, camping on the farm, playing in the mud and generally creating chaos. 2012 is already shaping up to be a busy year.
Here are the nine kids that we had the week before Christmas. A really fun group of kids, who are at that level where sitting on your pony all day is the best thing in the world.Tussock the Kaimanawa is the third from the right.

So What about everyone else, what big changes are happening this year, do you have new years resolutions, dreams, goals and plans for the next twelve months??

oh wait i do have one new years resolutions to share. I must get more photos of Fern for this blog! Because as to date, i don't have a single photo of her under saddle, to prove how well she is going, definitely something to work towards in the new year..