Monday, May 16, 2011

days on the farm

Well times does seem to be flying by. How is it already the middle of May??? Every night i collapse in my chair, and stare blankly at my computer screen. I mean to write updates, but every time i try to get my thoughts in order, they just seem to vanish a way in a tired haze. This week is the National Three Day Event, the last show of the season. After that hopefully my life will be somewhat less chaotic. Or at least i wont be traveling every weekend...

So the wild horses....

Matai, the last few days has been one sad stallion. Horses being herd animals do not like being alone, especially if they have grown up in a herd situation. Matai is no exception, and with his favorite and constant companion, Milo, gone to live somewhere else, the little wild stallion moped around the paddock, calling desperately to any horse o human he saw. He has been a lonely boy, standing in the corner of his paddock looking down the driveway, or across the farm, waiting for any sign of the return of his friend.

This sad display was to much for me today. I moved the Shetland pony, Coco, and his inseparable sheep companion, next door to Matai. at least he can be near another horse. Well you should have seen him, as soon as Coco arrived in sight, Matai lifted his head and came galloping to the fence, calling out in greeting as he came. Leaning carefully down over the fence, and the pony stretching his neck up as far as he could stretch, both horses snuffled there greetings, and reacquainted themselves. The sheep (who i cannot work out if its fearless or stupid) came to the fence as well, Matai never having seen a sheep before, eyed it wearily, but it then too, received the most delicate are careful sniff of introduction, as the stallion smelt it gently from nose to tail. Matai seemed to come to the conclusion that the funny looking creature may not be a horse, but a friend of coco's was going to be a friend of his.

So stallion, sheep, and Shetland are all good friends now. Matai is back to is usual good spirits, much happier for his having his old buddy Coco and his new lady friend, the sheep, nearby for company. In fact last i looked the sheep was dozing in the last afternoon light, sitting back against the fence, with Matai a few feet away standing with his head hanging low enjoying a little nap to. Coco however was doing what Shetlands do best and sucking as much grass down his throat like the little paddock vacuum that he is.

Fern and Sonny continue to learn new things. When i get back from nationals, it will be time to start breaking in Fern, as all that is now left to do is actually put a saddle on and rider her. Shes spends the days separated from Sonny now. Out of all the mares i think she is the only one to actually miss her child, and is always upset by the separation. Every evening only to happy to get her darling boy back. Calling to him and holding her tummy up as high as it will go, so her sonshine can get a drink as soon as he comes through the paddock gate.

Sonny on the other hand is only to happy in the mornings to follow the big horses to the barn, where he gets locked in a stable for the day. The draw card being his own bucket of weanling muesli, which in his world is the best thing ever, no sharing it with his mother or the other foals. He knows his stable and happily trots in their by himself each day, finds his bucket and sets to eating the soecial treat. Brushing is another pleasure in his life, and although inclined to be slightly shy, he happily stands still for anyone to come in his stable and brush him all over. Even politely picking up any of his feet if asked. By evening though, he is desperate for his mother again, and gallops back down to the paddock well ahead of the other horses. Fern will always be there waiting at the gate for him to come back. Its always a very happy reunion.

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  1. Such a sweet story about Matai. I think people sometimes overlook the deep social need of horse to be with other horses. Matai is very lucky to have someone like you, who so obviously loves and cares for him. :)